Your Dating Reset Workbook

Here is a sneak peak of what's inside:

  1. PERSONAL SWOT ANALYSIS - To help you recognize your strengths and weakness + figure out any opportunities available to you and threats to your well-being.
  2. GOAL SETTING EXERCISE - To help you set S.M.A.R.T goals that are in line with your vision for your life.
  3. IDEAL MAN LIST PROMPT - To define exactly what you want in a partner + Mini exercise to identify your dating patterns
  4. STANDARD SETTING EXERCISE - To identify what your "non-negotiables" are in a relationship and what to do when you see that behavior. 
  5. STRATEGIC POSITIONING EXERCISE -  To help you figure out a more effective way to meet the right environment.
  6. TIPS for being more vocal about your needs in a relationship.
  7. ENCOURAGEMENT on leaving a situation that no longer serves you.

+ BONUS guiding and debrief questions.

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Some comments from our beta testers: 

"Girl. This is fire!!"   

"I love love love this SWOT analysis! It's really helping me realize what I need to focus on. Omg this is so much fun!"

"This workbook came at the perfect time because I am soooo ready to level up"

"Honayyyy. Your workbook is really working!!! I've done steps 1 to 3 and it's already kept me focused and working on my sh*t. I've saved so much time by turning down dates that don't align with my vision."

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I created this blog to write about modern-day relationship topics from my point of view as a Nigerian/Canadian millennial woman. I know these problems aren’t limited to Nigerians so if any of these articles resonate with you, you are definitely welcome to become to join the tribe!